Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Why Are Government Benefit Programs Important Resources for Helping People with Financial Difficulties?

There are many good, honest, hardworking people in our nation.  These people come from all walks of life.  There are some people who come from well to do families and then there are those who come from a life of poverty.  One thing that most have in common is that they want to improve their life and be a contributing member of society.  These people attain the best education they can so they can work in a career that will support themselves and their families.  However, circumstances don’t always work in favor of these hardworking individuals.  They sometimes fall on hard times and struggle to make ends meet.  Reasons can range from tough economic times to severe illnesses.  Whatever the reason, these people find themselves in difficult financial situations and in serious need of assistance.

There are several resources that struggling people can use to help make ends meet.  Some people can get assistance from relatives, borrowing money until they can get back on their feet.  Others have the means to obtain small loans to pay for their necessities.  However, there are those who either don’t have access to or have exhausted these resources and must turn to the state or federal government for assistance.  Depending on the individual’s circumstances, they can qualify for programs such as Food Stamps; Women, Infants and Children (WIC); Social Security or Medicaid.  All of these programs are targeted at providing specific assistance to individuals, but they all have the same goal, to help individuals and their families in need.  These programs are extremely important.  The Food Stamp program can help families buy groceries so they food to eat.  WIC is similar in that in provides families with items such as baby formula, milk and cheese.  Without these programs, sadly, many people would go hungry.  The Medicaid program helps low income families with a means to obtain medical assistance, you can learn more at  Medical insurance is extremely expensive and when these families have medical needs they shouldn’t have to be denied service because they can’t afford it.  Medicaid fills that gap to ensure that illnesses and emergencies are treated.

These programs have obvious benefits to the people they’re designed to serve.  However, these programs don’t have unlimited funding.  They must be budgeted for each year and then have to function within that budget.  One of the problems that these programs have encountered since their inception is that some people are signing up for and using resources from them when they aren’t entitled to do so.  It’s very unfortunate that we have people in this country that manipulate and take advantage of these extremely valuable resources.  These individuals would rather live off of these programs instead of finding employment.  This is a well-known problem.  I believe the best way to protect and preserve these programs for the people who really needs and deserves them is to provide better enforcement.  Through better enforcement, programs can keep people from receiving benefits that don’t qualify for them.  I also believe that these programs should be managed in such a way that incentivizes individuals to get off of them as soon as possible.  For some people it’s much easier stay unemployed and draw benefits than it is to get a job and support themselves.

It’s undeniable that government programs are vital to the people of our nation.  Many descent people will continue to find themselves in financial hardship.  They deserve to have assistance provided to them for a finite period of time in an effort to help them get back on their feet.  And we owe it to our fellow citizens to provide that assistance.  However, we, as a country, just can’t keep sustaining these programs when they’re being taken advantage of.  We need to ensure that the people truly in need are the one’s getting access to these resources.  

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